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ID - LLAP by surrenderdammit
Long time no seen! :D I needed to update my ID, because there have been a few changes; I've got straight bangs now, for one, and my hair is longer :)

I've been craaaazy busy with Uni - English grammar does not fuck around - but it's Easter soon and we've got a week or so without any lectures so I'm hoping to get some drawing done.

Stay tuned!

art (C) surrenderdammit
VICTORY - At the Bar by surrenderdammit
VICTORY - At the Bar
Fanart for my Fem!Mike/Harvey fanfiction "Victory" which you can find here:… :)

Urgh I dunno about this one...meh. 

art (C) surrenderdammit
Suits (C) USA Network (?)
brother dear BEES by surrenderdammit
brother dear BEES
Before Mycroft knew Sherlock was allergic to bees or not, his little brother's fascination with them was somewhat....harrowing. 

Also, Mummy Holmes dressed these brats in matching outfits whenever she could get away with it because Mummy knows best. (YAY THE 70'S -ESQUE FASHION)


*cough* Well, long time no seen! ;D Hope you guys enjoy <3

art (C) surrenderdammit
Sherlock (C) BBC, ACD
KID TREK - kiss it better by surrenderdammit
KID TREK - kiss it better
couldn't resist some kid trek, these adorable boys <3

art (C) surrenderdammit
Star Trek (C) gene roddenberry
HitsuMatsu - Thumbelina II by surrenderdammit
HitsuMatsu - Thumbelina II
Redraw of: HitsuMatsu - Thumbelina by surrenderdammit

IDEK man, I love these two and I just got the urge to re-draw that pic lol ;D

art (C) surrenderdammit
BLEACK (C) tite


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I'm an avid Fandom Hopper. I exist mostly on the net, lurking. Real life? What is this you speak of? Responsibilities? Sounds dull! Now, my hard drive on the other hand.....

10 Character Meme, Again :P

Fri Aug 29, 2014, 7:11 AM

Ok so I'm doing this again.... There are some returns because my mind is at a stand-still atm and I tend to only like 2 or so characters per show lol.

Pick 10 of your favorite characters and answer the questions.

  1. 1. James T. Kirk (AOS)
  2. 2. Gil Grissom (CSI)
  3. 3. Hannibal Lecter (NBC)
  4. 4. Spock (AOS)
  5. 5. Arthur Pendragon (BBC)
  6. 6. James T. Kirk (TOS)
  7. 7. Greg Sanders (CSI)
  8. 8. Sherlock Holmes (Brett)
  9. 9. Mycroft Holmes (BBC)
  10. 10. Jonathan Creek 
1. Have you read a five/ten fic before?
  • Arthur/Jonathan. Nope, can't say I have. That would be very weird :,D

2. Do you think three is hot? How hot?
  • Hannibal is hot, yes. In a weird, Scandinavian way. Mmm Mads <3

3. What would happen if six got one pregnant?
  • If Kirk (TOS) got Kirk (AOS) pregnant? Holy shit I swear I didn't plan this lol. But um, well, the Universe might just implode. They'd go to Bones like "Uhh so we thought we'd give it a go, y'know, because it's sorta like matsubating right? Some self-lovin'? Eeehh, well, turns out there was something off about those drinks we had because...uh...."

4. Do you recall any good fics about nine?
  • About Mycroft (BBC), yes. I like brotherly love fics. Big bro Mycroft is my fav :D Also BAMF!Mycroft. Awwyes. 

5. Would seven and two make a good couple?
  • Greg Sanders/Gil Grissom. Again, did not plan for that to happen. Yelp. Anyway, YESSS. It's an OTP of mine 8D <3

6. Four/eight or four/nine?
  • Spock (AOS)/Sherlock (Brett), or Spock (AOS)/Mycroft (BBC).... I....uuhh. Wow. Maybe Spock/Mycroft? Since Mycroft can't find anything better than goldfish on Earth, maybe a Vulcan would suit him ;) Then again, Spock/Sherlock would probably work as well. I AM CONFLICTED. 

7. What would happen if seven discovered three and eight in a secret relationship?
  • If Greg (CSI) discovered Hannibal (NBC) and Sherlock (Brett) in a secret relationship...oh lord. The crime drama. Does Sherlock know Hannibal's got a stash of human meat in his freezer? Is he next? Hurry Greg! Save the day!!!

8. Make a summary of at least twenty words for a two/six fic.
  • Grissom (CIS)/Kirk (TOS)........mercy.
  • It was fascinating. Time travel, spaceships, extraterrestrials... Oh how Gil wished he'd brought something to document this with. However, now was not the time. Even he knew was a flashing red klaxon meant aboard a military ship,  futuristic vessel or no. Something was happening, and it wasn't good.  

9. Is there a such thing as a four/ten romantic fluff story?
  • Spock (AOS)/Jonathan, I don't think so. Might be interesting....? No, might be too cracky even for me haha :,D

10. Suggest a title for a one/five Hurt/Comfort fic.
  • Kirk (AOS)/Arthur (BBC)....eeeeeehhhhh. "Space Crusaders"??? hahahaha XD 

11. What kind of plot would you use if four wanted to seduce one?
  • Spock (AOS)/Kirk (AOS).....OTP!!!! <333 Oooh, he'd begin slow and awkward. They'd be friends by then, and Spock is unsure how to go from friends to lovers, as in previous relationships, he hasn't made "the first move". And Kirk seems oddly weird about the whole thing, because Spock KNOWS his feelings are returned, he just can't figure out why Kirk won't do anything about it. So he thinks maybe he's not being clear enough, and starts to slowly drive Kirk out of his mind by ways of little finger-touches (that makes Spock blush because for his people that's a full on kiss - but he tried proper Vulcan courting and that was apparently too subtle...). Kirk is oblivious and thinks Spock's just getting more comfortable in their friendship and he hates himself because urgh, he should not be getting boners from fingers trailing lightly across the back of his neck damnit. He will not sexually harass his XO and friend, damnit.

12. Does anyone on your friends list read number seven/nine slash?
  • Greg Sanders/Mycroft....uh. No, I don't think so :,D 

13. If you wrote a songfic about number ten, what song would you chose?
  • Jonathan Creek...oh, eerr...I'd definitely go the cracky way and choose "Every little thing she does is magic" because LOL.

14. If you wrote a two/three/six fic, what would the warning be?

15. What pick-up line might eight use on five?
  • Sherlock (Brett) on Arthur...? Eh. "It appears you have been resurrected, but for what purpose, I do not yet know. It remains a mystery. Shall we unravel it together, Your Majesty?"

16. Challenge: Write a drabblefic for ten/eight.
  • Jonathan Creek/Sherlock Holmes (Brett)....shit. 
  • Really, Jonathan thought with a resigned slump of his shoulders, can't people just bugger off in a normal way? Say their good-byes and be off to India. Now there's a thought. India. Sun, warmth. Elephants. Oh yes, elephants. He'd love one of those. But no. Instead he's stuck here, in Brighton. Adam's tour had taken him to the city initially, but for some idiotic reason, Jonathan had thought he'd take the man up on his offer to tag along to a social gathering. Thus ending up here, in a fancy house, crowded with a handful of London's overclass who'd left the capital behind for a bit of summer fun. Thrilling.

    Oh, and did he mention the Lord who'd locked himself in his study and never came out? Mm, yes. Apparently the whiskey he was sneaking off to consume hadn't agreed with him. To put it mildly. The study held no windows, the only door faced the crowded room. To the people here, he appeared to have vanished into thin air. 
    "Oh don't worry, Mrs. Rampton! My friend Jonathan and I, we do this sort of thing all the time!" Jonathan froze. Oh, no-- "We'll find your Reginald promptly, don't you worry your pretty little head!" He crept slowly towards the exit, hoping to make it to the door, but Adam's hand landed heavily on his shoulder and reined him in. "Isn't that right, Jonathan?" Bugger it all to hell and back.

    "Adam, I don't think---"

    "---a mediocre illusionist who cannot even comprehend the mechanics of his own act will be of much help, no. I agree, Mr. Creek," a voice interrupted. Striding into focus, parting the crowd that had gathered itself around Mrs. Rampton, Adam and Jonathan, a tall gentleman emerged. Jonathan had taken notice of him during the evening, as he'd looked about thrilled to be here as Jonathan had been. He'd been accompanied by a short, portly gentleman of more advanced years - a brother, from the likeness of their sharp eyes, and the whirl in their ears - and was mostly like only here for someone else's benefit.

    "Excuse me Mister--!" Adam began to protest, offended. The man interrupted him, however.

    "---Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective," he said, reaching out to shake Jonathan's hand. "I've heard of your work, Mr. Creek. It is of a kind, as is my own. You have made a habit to explain the inexplicable. I admire that in a man."

    Feeling slightly flustered, Jonathan cleared his throat and fidgeted. It's not every day the Great Sherlock Holmes gives you praise. "Uh, well..." He didn't know what to say, but this was apparently not a problem. Mr. Holmes had already replaced Adam's grip on Jonathan's shoulder and begun to steer him towards the study wherein Lord Rampton had mysteriously disappear. He smelt of chemicals and some sort of sharp - but pleasant - aftershave.

    "It shall be an experience to work with you, Mr. Creek," Mr. Holmes exclaimed. "Minds suchs as ours are so rare. Of course, my brother Mycroft most likely has already worked this puzzle out, but he has thus far been disinclined to share."

    Before Jonathan could comment on that, Mr. Holmes continued with a wry smirk. "But then, there would hardly be any mysteries left to unfold if brother Mycroft had even an ounce of ambition in these matters. How fortunate for us, Mr. Creek, that he has the ambition of a dead slug."

    Still, if the brother knew then----

    "--Oh rest assured, dear man, my brother assures me there has come no harm to our good Lord. He is quite well. It is just up to us to find him, and dispel these good people of their delusions. Magic! Pah!"

    "...Right," Jonathan said, side-eying the Detective. This was going to be...interesting, to say the least. 


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